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Company Registration in Lachung

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Private Limited Registration in Lachung

A Private Limited company is a separate legal entity with limited liability and perpetual existence incorporated now under the Companies Act, 2013. It is the most prominent business structure currently in India.
A private limited company must have a minimum number of 2 members and a maximum of 200 members or shareholders. There is no minimum capital required in private limited company and Rs.5 Lakhs in case of a public limited company.
It must have a minimum of 2 directors and a maximum of 15 directors. Amongst the directors in the business at least one must be a resident of India.
Even foreign nationals, NRI’s are allowed to be shareholders/directors of companies with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

PROS (Advantages);

  1. Limited Liability.

  2. Dedicated Credibility 

  3. Collaborate

  4. Ease of expansion by raising investment from VC’s or private equity funds.

  5. Easy to avail loans from banks or private lenders.

  6. Protection of minority shareholder’s interest.



CONS (Disadvantages);


  • Compliances (filing & annual returns)

  • Issuance of share certificates

  • Filing director’s disclosure to ROC

  • Maintenance of Statutory registers

  • Conducting board meetings, AGM’s etc.

Note: Lengthy and complex winding up process which is highly regulated by appointment of official liquidator and legal documentation.


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Process of Company Registration






Company Registration

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Company Registration Office in Lachung

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